Dyson DC25 Animal Dustbuster Review

Dyson DC25 DustbusterHaving a pet does wonders to a person or family’s level of happiness – but the stress that their hair shedding causes us can sometimes outweigh the positive effects. Dyson DC25 Animal Vacuum cleaners should be able to remedy this problem, though not every brand and model has enough power to reach those hairs stuck between carpet fibers.

The Dyson DC25 Animal is named as such, not because it looks animal-like or something, but because it’s specifically designed for those persons and families that have a pet animal inside the house. Skip Reading Review Move To Product Price

The special animal/mini turbine attachment features a rotating brush that helps loosen hair and fur from almost all kinds of fabrics. Come shedding season, you wouldn’t get too much of a headache from all the vacuuming that you need to do almost daily, because this attachment makes it easier to suction up fur and hair. Plus, the DC25 does this completely and quickly.

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Dyson DC25 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Like all Dyson vacuum cleaners, the DC25 Animal features the patented pivot Ball technology for easier steering of the unit. You can easily avoid bumping into furniture by swerving and turning the nozzle right or left. You cannot easily do this with traditional vacuum cleaners, but with the DC25, you can, with just one wrist movement.

Even the Root Cyclone technology (for which Dyson is known for) is still a feature included in the DC25 Animal model. With this, dirt and dust is effectively separated from the air that the vacuum sucks in. Having the power of 220 air watts, the DC25 can remove even the most settled dirt in any surface.

High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance

The washable HEPA filter is a big money saver, especially when it comes to buying expensive disposable replacement filters. This can also save you from consuming too much allergy medication because the exhausted air by the Dyson is free from pollen and other micro particles.

The dust bin, like the HEPA filter, is also washable and reusable. So you don’t have to keep on buying dust bags whose costs pile up over time. Emptying the DC25 dust bin is mind-numbingly easy. You just have to push a button and the bottom part of the bin opens, and the dirt falls down directly to your trashcan – no more unhygienic contact with the dirt and dust.

Technical Specifications of Dyson DC25 Animal Dustbuster

  • Highly Designed For Homes With Pets.
  • Included HEPA filter
  • Certified Asthma friendly
  • Hygienic dust bin
  • On-board tools
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 11.5 x 11.5 x 39 Inches Dimensions
  • 22.6 Pounds Weight


  • 220 air watts suction power
  • Lightweight at 16.125 lbs.
  • Animal/mini turbine attachment


  • Smaller dust bin than most Dyson vacuums.
  • Price


If you have pets that regularly shed large amounts of hair and fur, or you’re a very allergic person, then the Dyson DC25 Animal’s higher price is worth it for your peace of mind and health.

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